Yamaha Fizzy SS 50


Henk Dullen and John Peyton are not names that are instantly recognizable from the realms of motoring history, but nevertheless, we need to be grateful to both.







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Some thoughts on this model

Clever old Henk, who back in 1970 was the service manager at Motorpaleis, a bike shop in the Netherlands, which incidentally is still functioning today, devised the idea of adding pedals to detuned Yamaha F5B, in order that it could be sold to youngsters as a Moped in Holland.

John Peyton who was the UK's residing Minister for Transport at the time (1971 to 1974), and who quite naturally on behalf of the public, erred on the side of caution with all things motoring; a good case in point, was that he made in 1973 the wearing of crash helmets compulsory, jumped at the idea and decreed that all UK 16-year olds could ride only mopeds too. Enter stage left Yamaha, with the SS (Sixteener Special), forerunner to the UK FS1-E.

Coming from the same stable as the 2 previous Fizzy's I have sold, this is a genuine UK bike supplied on 2nd June 1973, which was restored some years ago but remains in lovely condition.

To say there is a huge following for these would be an understatement; with a dedicated owner's club and various forums, plus its own Wikipedia page, they are eminently rideable, collectable and only rarely available in this condition.

Don't take my word for it, a glance at 16th September 2015 issue of Motor Cycle News should satisfy your curiosity, as it is placed in their top ten and rates as one of the most pure motorcycling experiences you can have; even John Guinness had one!

This bike can be inspected at my Grayshott showroom - please call 07788 865700.

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Bringing our rich history to life by meticulously rebuilding limited edition Classic Jaguars including the iconic Lightweight E‑type.

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