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The 1926 Rolls-Royce 20HP Hooper Limousine epitomizes vintage luxury. Crafted with meticulous attention, its stately presence is matched by a refined 20HP engine. The Hooper coachwork exudes timeless elegance, and the lavish interior ensures comfort for passengers. This masterpiece captures an era of opulence and automotive excellence.

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Julien's Perspective

Some thoughts on this model

Coming from the same 'Master' as the lovely Bianchi, one can rest assured that it has been an equally long standing & cherished member of the its case, not quite as long as the Bianchi, but at just a tad over 50 years, one must applaud the dedication to achieve a 'Golden Anniversary' ownership and all that goes with it.

Amongst the substantial written history, there are wonderfully, copies of the original supplying dealer's order, which states it was actually supplied as a rolling chassis via The Clyde Auto Company of Glasgow on 21st April 1926, before Hoopers & Co fitted their existing Limousine body.

Evidently when a car is approaching its 100th Birthday one is unlikely to fill all the history gaps, but happily I can certainly vouch for the last 50 years. that said, photo copies of he original service, engineering & chassis records are hand written and detailed....they start from its initial build date and finish circa 1936.

I understand like the Bianchi, the car was driven and conserved until such time as suitable funds were available to undertake the extensive & necessary works. One can see from the invoicing that this journey started in the 1981 and was almost entirely entrusted to Ro-Ben Cars until its completion in 1986. Along the way other well respected specialists helped with the body and interior. Tens of thousand of pounds were spent, I would guess in today's money, something equivalent of £150,000 +.

All has stood the test of time very well, as the Rolls-Royce presents beautifully with all the exquisite detailing still very much in place. You can see from the photographs the lovely condition....the interior and rear compartment is in particularly exceptional condition & has beautifully crafted veneers and inserts, period use if ivory and curved glass that would be virtually impossible to replicate today.

With a move to the west Country 10+ years ago, McKenzie Guppy Ltd has undertaken the majority of maintenance, and again its all nicely detailed.

An rare opportunity to follow what have been for sure, an exemplary custodian.

It would be a pleasure to answer any questions you might have. However, to really appreciate this fabulous Rolls-Royce, it needs to be seen “in the flesh”, so do please call me directly on 07788 865700 to arrange a viewing at our new Redhill showroom.

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Bringing our rich history to life by meticulously rebuilding limited edition Classic Jaguars including the iconic Lightweight E‑type.

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Bringing our rich history to life by meticulously rebuilding limited edition Classic Jaguars including the iconic Lightweight E‑type.

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