Aston Martin DB4 Series II


A rather lovely newly commissioned ‘dressed down’ de-bumpered DB4.

Aston Martin
The 1960 Aston Martin DB4 Series 2, a timeless British classic, exudes elegance and power. With its sleek lines and 3.7-liter inline-six engine, it's an icon of 1960s automotive design. The handcrafted interior offers luxurious comfort, making every drive a sophisticated and exhilarating experience.

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Julien's Perspective

Some thoughts on this model

David Brown's DB4 emanated not just from his own prodigious creative talents but both Harold Beach and Tadeck Mareck's too. Beach was tasked with creating the chassis, whilst Mareck designed the venerable 3.7-litre twin-cam six cylinder unit (later increased to 4.0 Litres) and mated it to David Brown's own slick 4 speed gearbox.

The elegant and sleek body was designed by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan. Touring's patented Superleggera technique was used to produce lightweight bodies of aluminium-magnesium wrapped around small-diameter steel tubing which were produced at the Tickford Works, under license from Touring.

This Series 2 is just one of 351 examples produced between 1960 -1961 and identifiable from the Series 1, by its chromed window frames, front-hinged bonnet, larger brake callipers and less obvious 17 pint sump! Other options available at the time were, an overdrive, electric windows and a oil cooler; the latter was only selected by 34 owners !

The back story here is a simple one, having owned a number of 80's Aston Martin's and Porsche product too, the owner had an continual itch to find and to some extent restore a DB4. Many were inspected and then quickly discounted, as a full restoration wasn't deemed practical nor appealing to undertake.

This car had been in same hands since 1977 and although remaining highly original had been off the road for a number of years. Like so many, mainly due to historical values, much of its upkeep wasn't inline with todays world & expertise, thus it made an idea candidate as it looked though works would be fairly limited!

Enter the frame the highly respected Wren Classics, who fortunately were on the owners doorstep, thus making an ideal partner in reinvigorating this DB4 back to life.

The ensuing works took something approaching 18 months and as is ever the case, were more extensive than expected, mainly due to former historical substandard repairs.

Happily there is a written detailed account of the works undertaken, but for ease, the following summary gives you some idea of the scope of these works.

- Replace the front end chassis work using new Superleggera steelwork.

- Install new Bodylines aluminium front end bodywork.

- Repaint the entire car in Aston Martin Dubonnet Red.

- Engine inspected & identified that it wasn't in needed of full rebuild.

- Gearbox rebuild.

- Axle overhauled with new internals/ratios plus new limited slip differential.

- Propshaft replaced with new machined item.

- Brakes upgraded using a mixture of new anodised aluminium pods to keep the series 2 look, completely overhauled rear brakes including zinc plating and an upgraded servo for better pedal feel.

- Wheels overhauled including new hubs and 3 eared spinners, and powder coated and new Avon tyres fitted.

- Suspension upgraded including installing a ‘handling kit’ from Aston Engineering consisting of, uprated front Koni shock absorbers, an uprated anti-roll bar with polyurethane bushes.

- Carburettors stripped and overhauled to ensure mechanically sound but not changed in appearance.

- A new JMB water pump and re-cored radiator installed along with new electronic fan fitted

- Electrics & engine bay harness replaced.

- Interior left as original & rustic as possible.

- External bumpers removed to give a more ‘dress down’ appearance.

The owner certainly didn't wish to ever build nor want to own an over embellished DB4, thus this authentic and highly useable DB4 is the result, which now drives, steers, brakes and handles beautifully, whilst retaining much of its original DNA and personality. Infact, its recently returned from a private tour of Ireland, where over 1,000 miles were covered so fully shaken down and ready for its next adventure.

It would be a pleasure to answer any questions you might have. However, to really appreciate this Aston Martin it needs to be seen “in the flesh”, so do please call me directly on 07788 865700 to arrange a viewing at our new Redhill showroom.

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Bringing our rich history to life by meticulously rebuilding limited edition Classic Jaguars including the iconic Lightweight E‑type.

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